About us  

IT-iResource bvba was founded in 2002 in Belgium by contractor Oracle DBA View Frank de Vries's profile on LinkedIn to be your IT-infrastructure service partner. You are working in the end-market looking for subcontractors within IT-infrastructure (=Servers, Databases) specialist skills to strengthen your service !

Our Service and Value

IT-iResource adds value to the IT outsourcing and IT public procurement market. That means having a partner that has a business continuity driven approach for your "End-Customers" IT-infrastructure during the period of your Service. Your customers demand that their business is available and possibily always online. We ensure that through our well trained, flexibile and motivated specialists. Satisfied customers extend their service with YOU ! 

Always Online

Availability of  a Resource        : +32.497.491.790

Administration/Invoicing         : +32.494.335.657

Our General Email :  info  @  IT-iResource . be        (remove spacing) 

Our Registred Company :  IT-iResource bvba 

Our Registred Office     : Grote Dries 31, 2650 Edegem    (GoogleMapsLink)                                                                                   

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